10 things I’ve learned at 30.

  1. Make a Real Difference: Your accomplishments don’t matter to the world, but the impact does. Stop feeding your ego; focus on the impact you make!
  2. Keep Going, Always: It’s not about being quick; it’s about being steady. Consistent is the key, fast is good but without persistent, it’s nothing.
  3. Cherish Every Chat: You never know which conversation will be your last. Connect with those who see your worth.
  4. Pick Good Friends: It’s better to have a few real pals than a bunch of group chat.
  5. Love Your Hobbies: Don’t try to show to the world the flashy hobbies. Nature your hobbies, don’t be afraid of outside people looking in, do what you love and build off that.
  6. No More Excuses: When you really want something, don’t let anything stop you, even yourself. Stop giving yourself excuses to fail. Have a goal and commit to it.
  7. Play Smart in Life: Sometimes you go all in, sometimes you fold. Be wise in your choices. Time is everything you have. (All in is stupid.)
  8. Trust Your Gut, and Feelings Matter: Logic is great but sometimes, your heart knows things your head doesn’t. Don’t fool yourself!
  9. Listen to Your Body: Take care of yourself. Push on good days, rest on bad ones.
  10. Dream Big, Start Small: Big dreams are always great, but what made you there is a small step every day.